A greater impact with Enterprise Architecture Master’s degree

The inno.com Institute offers a high-quality, university-level education: the Master’s degree in Enterprise Architecture, recognised by the Flemish government. We are the only private company that organises this kind of higher education. Our Master’s degrees are internationally recognised. All graduates are qualified to call themselves a Master of Science (MSc).


A Master programme

We offer a Master programme (MEA) and a Master programme plus internships and focus on soft skills (HEAT) to help professionals increase their impact on their organisation through Enterprise Architecture: the Master’s degree in Enterprise Architecture (MEA) and the Hands-on Enterprise Architect Training (HEAT).

Master in Enterprise Architecture (MEA) 

Our Master’s degree in Enterprise Architecture includes 18 months of courses and a Master’s thesis, and shows professionals the ropes of being an Enterprise Architect. We balance theory with case studies to cover everything from strategy to various kinds of architecture, security to ICT governance, and more. No less than 52 experts will tell you all there is to know about this much sought-after profile. The programme focuses on people with at least five years of relevant business experience.


The advantages of our MEA programme:

  • Flexibility in taking courses
  • Lectures by academics and professional practitioners
  • Accredited Master’s degree

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Hands-on Enterprise Architect Training (HEAT) 

Do you want to specialise even further? Get a more in-depth view on how to put theory into practice? HEAT is our Hands-on Training programme in Enterprise Architecture, for people with one to five years of work experience. During this 26-month training, you will get the same courses as the regular Master’s in Enterprise Architecture (MEA), supplemented with three valuable internships at the inno.com Institute’s partners. Moreover, a senior Enterprise Architect will also coach you personally with a focus on the skills required for the job during the internship. Our Leading in Enterprise Architecture Programme (LEA) focuses explicitly on the soft skills. After successful completion of the programme, you’ll also receive an official Master’s degree in Enterprise Architecture, as well as a ‘Trained by inno.com’ certificate.

The advantages of our HEAT programme:

  • Master’s degree supplemented with internships
  • Get a personal Enterprise Architecture coach
  • Learn the soft skills of an Enterprise Architect

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Leadership in Enterprise Architecture (LEA) 

You are an excellent Enterprise Architect, but when it comes to getting your team on board to successfully tackle challenges with sustainable solutions you could use some extra support. Our unique Leadership in Enterprise Architecture (LEA) course, taught by a well-seasoned trainer, teaches you all the soft skills you need as an Enterprise Architect, from leadership capabilities to influencing stakeholders and more. To the best of our knowledge, the LEA course is the only soft skills course in the world that is specifically designed for Enterprise Architects. Perhaps you are a CxO, IT Manager or Programme Manager? Then take this course to help increase your effectiveness by sharpening your social skills.

Benefits of our LEA course:

  • Gain soft skills that boost your productivity
  • The only soft skills course geared to Enterprise Architects
  • Receive a ‘Leaderschip in Enterprise Architecture’ certificate

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