Hands-on Enterprise Architect Training (HEAT)

The HEAT programme consists of three modules: the Master’s in Enterprise Architecture (MEA), the internships, and the Leading in Enterprise Architecture (LEA). We aim for juniors with one to five years of ICT experience.

Three pillars of HEAT


1. Master in Enterprise Architecture (MEA)

In our theory Master’s courses, we’ll provide you with all the necessary know-how for you to gain an official Master’s degree in Enterprise Architecture at the end of the programme.

2. Three internships

Skills without experience will get you nowhere. That’s why you can put your academic insights to the test by working at our Institute’s partners. You’ll discover different company cultures and get a taste of what it’s like to be an Enterprise Architect. Moreover, you’ll be intensively coached by our senior Enterprise Architects during your internships. One day a week, they will help you succeed at your job.

3. Leading in Enterprise Architecture (LEA)

Your knowledge is complemented by courses in ‘Leading in Enterprise Architecture’, LEA for short. We use these classes to nurture the soft skills required for an Enterprise Architect, such as leadership capabilities, how to influence stakeholders, and more. After the training, you’ll get an ‘inno.com Institute trained Enterprise Architect’ certificate as well as your Master’s degree.

What does our partner say about HEAT?

KBC has been enrolling employees in the regular Master’s programme in Enterprise Architecture at inno.com for quite some years now. Besides a thorough grounding in the theory of EA and practical cases, there is a strong focus on soft skills such as communication and leadership.

Rudi Peeters is convinced that the internships included in the HEAT programme will offer added value. How about you?

Watch the video below and we think you’ll be just as excited as he is.

A head start

We aim for juniors with one to five years of ICT experience. This means that you can get a four-year head start on those enrolled in the regular Master’s in Enterprise Architecture (MEA), who need a track record of at least five years. On top of that, you’ll graduate with experience in three different companies thanks to the internship programme.

Timing & Flexibility

The Hands-on Enterprise Architect Training takes 26 months to complete. The first 18 months are spent on internships. In the second quarter, half-way through your first internship, LEA training will start and is spread over a period of six months. When these classes finish, you are enrolled in the MEA courses that take nine months in total. At the end of these courses, all classes and internships, you’ll get another eight months to write your MEA thesis.

The timings of the internships and LEA are fixed, but there is a certain degree of flexibility possible for the MEA courses. Modules can be spread over multiple academic years.


Rules of engagement

If you are selected as a candidate by inno.com Institute, you will be on their payroll during the programme. Upon completion, you can choose to work for inno.com or one of the other partners participating in the programme. You will be required to follow the partner’s selection process.

RSC Anderlecht and HEAT: world class

Wouter D’Hondt, one of the youngest Enterprise Architects at inno.com, is today steering the football club RSC Anderlecht towards better fan engagement via an inno.com project. Wouter, who graduated in 2014, is a great advocate of the unique learning opportunities that HEAT offers. Wouter is one of our youngest architects, yet he is fully in charge of this major project.

Watch this video to see where HEAT can take you…

Practical Information

Starting date



inno.com Institute and partner locations


17 course weekends
3 internships
4 full days of soft skills training


26 months

Official Master's degree

Master of Science (MSc)' Master of ICT Enterprise Architecture and Certification: Training by inno.com


English (MEA & LEA)
customer's language (internships)