Become a leader in Enterprise Architecture

As you acquire more experience as an enterprise architect, your landscape expands into new and often unfamiliar dimensions. Reporting levels change, team sizes grow, expectations raise, projects become more complex and your profile changes. All these changes take you out of your comfort zone and can even undermine the skills and attitudes that made you successful in the past.

Our Leadership in Enterprise Architecture (LEA) programme will reinforce the foundations of your fundamental competencies in a way that is confrontational and at the same time pragmatic. In a safe environment, the trainer will offer you the energy and dynamism to develop the social skills that will lead you to the next level in your professional evolution. The training will transform you from a competent professional into a creative force, an enthusiastic coach and an exemplary negotiator that does not only navigates the complex and changing landscape but develops it proactively, bringing value and dynamism to the organisation.

LEA in four sessions

Your journey starts with a kick-off session and personal preparation in the build-up to the first training session. This preparation will be introduced during the kick-off session. Afterwards, you’ll follow four sessions about the following subjects:

  • Personal leadership
  • Influencing and persuading
  • Leading a team
  • Handling challenging situations

1. Session on personal leadership

The first session will offer you the keys to personal leadership, which involve defining the role of the enterprise architect, and the results of your preparation. It will also address the cornerstones of interpersonal communication, and change management. The latter will involve making your own transitions a success and helping colleagues to succeed in their transitions. The first session will help you to set motivating and attainable operational goals, to ensure that every member of the team contributes to the project, and to foster a genuine spirit of initiative. It will also help to develop the talent in your team by considering the value-added and limitations of every team member.


2. Session on influencing and persuading

The second session will focus on influencing and persuading.  It will elaborate on best practices, active listening, the art of questioning and fundamental negotiation techniques to sell your projects and ideas more effectively to your team members, your CxO and external stakeholders. Additionally, the second session will feature the skills of tailoring responses to objections and setback, managing disruption and making an impact when addressing a group.

3. Session on leading a team

The third session will address the skills required to rally a team for and head a team during a project. The best practices discussed will address conducting a meeting, fostering creativity, praising and motivating people recognising their contribution. Additionally, this session will tackle partnership interviews for assessing, developing and supporting progress, for giving constructive feedback and for obtaining goal-oriented feedback.

4. Session on handling challenging situations

The fourth and final session will develop the skills required for managing difficult situations without hierarchical power. The assets offered include managing conflict to reach mutual agreement, saying no effectively, supervising a project through constructive and regular monitoring, and conducting a reprimand session to redefine and realign objectives that help to motivate team members that lost their focus.


Practical Information

Starting date

January 18, 2018

Location Institute
Heiststeenweg 131, 2580 Beerzel


A kick-off event and four morning sessions


Kick-off: January 18, 2018
Session 1: February 19, 2018
Session 2: March 19, 2018
Session 3: April 23, 2018
Session 4: June 6, 2018

“Leadership in Enterprise Architecture” certificate



Tuition fee

€ 3000
Subsidy through KMO portefeuille possible