Every positive transformation starts with EA

To innovate successfully you need to focus first on documenting the desired changes, the activities impacted, the risks, the opportunities and everything else you can think of within the structure of your organisation. It’s only when you have mapped out everything that you can start thinking about the transformation itself. Work with a clean, clear structure to make smart choices. As a fan of inno.com, you might have an idea of where we are going with this…

Enterprise Architecture should be the topic of the day, every day

Implementing a successful digital transformation strategy cannot happen without perfect Enterprise Architecture, Agoria learned. And when people mention EA, they automatically think of inno.com.

Preparing for a transformation starts with EA

Our CEO Johan Cattersel gave Agoria an in-depth interview. He talked about how to remain relevant. He explained what EA is and its positive impact on preparing for a transformation. He also mentioned our Master of Enterprise Architecture course.

“You don’t need an army of 100 people to organise EA. If you know where to begin and what to change to be even more successful in the market, a small team can make a major impact on your annual revenue. The investment becomes negligible compared to the potential rewards,” says Johan Cattersel.

Want to find out more? You can read the full interview (in Dutch) via this link.


Every positive transformation starts with EA