Art in the Park – 2015: “Vision is the Art of seeing the invisible”

“Vision is the Art of seeing the invisible”. This statement by Jonathan Swift, Irish author and satirist (1667-1745), inspired this year’s edition of Art in the Park.

The event gathered no less than 350 guests to admire the work of 23 artists in the exceptional surroundings of’s park and offices.


What makes our company so close to Art and Artists?


Growth is the embodiment of dreams, which otherwise remain nothing more than the sweet dreams of a single person.

Artists are, thanks to their personalities, outstanding dreamers:

“I dream my paintings and I paint my dreams (Vincent Van Gogh).”

Had he done no more than dream, then his paintings would have existed solely in his mind and we would never have been able to admire them; they would simply not exist.

The essence of growth is developing what does not yet exist and what is experienced as valuable.

An entrepreneur is always a bit of an artist. Establishing a business starts with a dream and the entrepreneur lets nothing stand in his way: turning the dream into that very unique business.

At we are also aware that we can and must grow, always do better than we did yesterday (…)

Thank you so much for your continuing and growing confidence.


Johan Cattersel, CEO

Art in the Park – 2015:  “Vision is the Art of seeing the invisible”