Our institute now offers a Master of Science

Anyone who earns the Master of ICT Enterprise Architecture degree at our inno.com institute can now proudly add the title Master of Science (MSc) to their business card. This degree is now internationally recognized, demonstrating that our unique education programme meets the highest academic standards.

Getting any kind of formal education in the field of Enterprise Architecture can be a challenge. But with our many years of expertise and an eagerness to share our knowledge, we have changed that. Some years ago we formed a partnership with the academic world to offer a comprehensive programme that focuses on the role of the enterprise architect. Our Master’s programme offers a perfect balance between the theory and practice of enterprise architecture.

We wanted to offer a Master’s programme instead of internal training because training often consists of a series of practical tips and tricks. At inno.com we believe in high-quality standards and creating real, sustainable value, which is also reflected in our education programme. Professionals who complete the Master of Science course will gain the knowledge and skills needed to make their companies more competitive.

We talk the talk and we walk the walk. inno.com is the only private company that is registered as a higher education institute and offers an accredited Master’s degree. Our education programme received approval from the Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organization in 2009 and this was reconfirmed in 2014. The new Master of Science degree is internationally recognized, opening up a whole new world of possibilities for our graduates.

Feeling ambitious and want to become an expert enterprise architect? Then enrol for the next course, which starts in September.

Our institute now offers a Master of Science