Still time for Art in the Park

For the 19th consecutive year, opened the doors of its open-air art exhibition, known as ‘Art in the Park’, at its grounds in Beerzel. Working in close collaboration with Middelheim Museum, we launched our annual exhibition on 19th May and you can visit it until 30th June.

Our theme this year: the Architect

All the exhibits for this special edition, entitled ‘The Architect’, were selected and arranged by the renowned Dutch artist Henk Visch. The main showpiece is the sculpture ‘The Architect’, which is accompanied by its smaller counterpart ‘The Fortune Teller’. The exhibition also features works by the Antwerp architect Renaat Braem, which are on view for the first time.

You can admire over 16 sculptures and drawings by Henk Visch, including ‘Lonely Feelings on Landing’ and ‘Tomorrow Everything is Different’. In addition to Renaat Braem’s sketches and a photographic section showing 50 images of his buildings, you can also discover the history of our company building, which once served as a hospital.

What’s more, when Henk Visch came to’s park a week before the opening, he noticed that one of the company’s few bare walls could do with a lick of paint. So he decided, then and there, to create an exclusive wall painting for Art in the Park.

See the beauty of Art in the Park

Curious about the origins of’s great love of art? Or intrigued by what innovative enterprise architecture services and art have in common? Or maybe you just want to see the beauty with your own eyes? The Art in the Park exhibition is open to the public and free of charge. The artworks in the building and in the park can be viewed during office hours.

Pay us a visit before the end of June!


Still in doubt? Have a look at the pictures of the opening night right here…


Still time for Art in the Park