Thank you, Guido


Posted on Oct 27, 2016

It was with extreme sadness that we received the news of the sudden passing away of Guido Dedene. Guido was Professor at the KU-Leuven, dep. Economics, faculty Beleidsinformatica.

From the very early days,  Guido had a special connection with and a major influence on as a company. He was the co-founder of, and active member in, the Advisory Board and stood as a pillar under our MEA Programme. He was present during its conception; nourishing, inspiring, guiding and sculpting our MEA into the full Master of Science it is today.  As Professor in the MEA Business Architecture and Conceptual Modelling Module, Guido taught us not just what ought to be taught… but also what he thought we needed to learn. We feel blessed that he shared with us his exceptional insights in the ICT issues and challenges.

And Guido as a person… an amazing cocktail: a great intellect, an exceptional thinker, a gifted speaker, amiable and approachable…. and with his famous witty sense of humour he will stay in our hearts forever.

We will miss him so much. The world is a lesser place with him gone.

The thoughts of are with Guido’s family at this difficult time.

A sincere “Thank you, Guido”  for everything!

Thank you, Guido