Technical Architect


Skills of the Technical Architects:

  • information architecture (databases)
  • integration of technologies
  • application architecture expertise in various environments (J2EE, .NET, packages)
  • technical architecture such as hardware, software, network, dbms, security


  • information architecture
    • refers to necessary data and information to be exchanged in order to execute business activities; e.g. defining, modelling and managing data and information as well as defining rules for data ownership and use of data
  • integration architecture
    • refers to the integration of applications and data
    • activities are e.g. defining and implementing interactions as well as data and message exchanges between different applications
  • application architecture
    • refers to the applications that support the business processes
    • activities are e.g. designing and implementing applications and components, identifying re-usable components and managing the functional overview
  • technical architecture
    • refers to supporting technical architecture such as hardware platforms, networks, database management systems, technical standards, connectivity inside and outside the organization and security
    • activities are e.g. selection and roll-out of technical infrastructure components
  • soft skills (presentation and communication)