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Are all bright ideas, right ideas?

Innovation starts with the creativity to find ideas that have a competitive edge and can create a significant difference for customers. But companies need much more than just bright ideas. They need to make sure that they have an environment that can bring the right ideas to fruition, and faster than any competitor: Are we efficient enough? Can we cope with an increasing number of parallel projects? Likewise, bright ideas that imply a complete overhaul of the organization model, or rebuild half of the IT infrastructure, no matter how innovative could simply be unachievable due to complexity or cost

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Our institute now offers a Master of Science

Anyone who earns the Master of ICT Enterprise Architecture degree at our inno.com institute can now proudly add the title Master of Science (MSc) to their business card. This degree is now internationally recognized, demonstrating that our unique education programme meets the highest academic standards.

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Solution Architect

We’re looking for a professional who will put strong emphasis on applications, data and/or technology architectures and has a thorough understanding of business and enterprise architecture.

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Technical Architect

Defining the information architectures, technology integration, application and technical architectures of our customers will be our Technical Architect’s main role.

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Lead Enterprise Architect

This challenging job is about IT strategic roadmaps, enterprise architecture transformation programmes, IT process reengineering, investments and leading organizational change.

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