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Inno.com proudly supports Special Olympic art

Inno.com has a heart for art, as proven by our annual Art in the Park project, as well as for people. This became clear when we innocommers, together with our CEO, decided to support the Art Exhibition of the Belgian Special Olympics 2017

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Still time for Art in the Park

For the 19th consecutive year, inno.com opened the doors of its open-air art exhibition, known as ‘Art in the Park’, at its grounds in Beerzel. Working in close collaboration with Middelheim Museum, we launched our annual exhibition on 19th May and you can visit it until 30th June.

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Assessing innovation success before you start?

Now, more than ever, it is continuous technological developments that encourage companies to focus on the innovation of their products and services. This evolution is a given. What's less certain is whether the desired innovations will materialize quickly and successfully. Speed is the key to making innovation successful. Overextended projects and little appetite for change are factors that block or limit innovation. The best way to achieve results is to make smart choices.

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Lead Enterprise Architect

This challenging job is about IT strategic roadmaps, enterprise architecture transformation programmes, IT process reengineering, investments and leading organizational change.

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Solution Architect

We’re looking for a professional who will put strong emphasis on applications, data and/or technology architectures and has a thorough understanding of business and enterprise architecture.

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Technical Architect

Defining the information architectures, technology integration, application and technical architectures of our customers will be our Technical Architect’s main role.

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