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IC Institute's HEAT on Kanaal Z

To kindle more interest in education after higher studies, inno.com's IC Institute joined forces with Syntra Vlaanderen and Agoria Vlaanderen to present its unique educational programme HEAT! Kanaal Z reported on our event.

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A compass for sustainable change

Companies are created, grow, are divided up, merge, contract and eventually stop their activities completely. As a result, the entire economy constantly revolves around a cycle of creative destruction. Today, the need for change and innovation seems to be acute, but this has probably driven every generation of managers to howl in quiet frustration. What's more, there are numerous expressions in management jargon that warn of the inevitable end of the life cycle of companies. This glossary is today headed by the term ‘digital transformation’.

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Business Support Assistant (M/F)

inno.com is looking for a Business Support Assistant, being the right hand of our Executive Assistant, to take up a multitude of operational and administrative tasks within the Business Support Team.

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Enterprise Architect

Our Enterprise Architects are objective trusted partners of senior management (CxO level) and program leadership. They help determine where to invest to maximize results, confirm the strategic goals set (trade-offs), define cost-effective mid- and long-term roadmaps (moving from as-is to to-be), spot opportunities and lower risk levels through early detection enabled by transparency and a … Continued

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Information Architect

inno.com is looking for an experienced Information Architect that can fire up Data Governance programs and anchor them, optimize Information Architecture (as part of the Enterprise Architecture) and enhance the Information Management capability at our clients’ organizations.

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