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At inno.com, we drink our own champagne

During the festive opening of Art in the park two weeks ago, celebrating inno.com's 20 years of existence, the title of this blogpost was one of the most important messages. Drinking your own champagne is our positive version of the more widely known 'eat your own dog food'.

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inno.com orchestrates innovation at Carglass

Companies have to innovate. It's a creed most organizations agree with and so does Carglass, specialist in repairing windshields and damaged bodywork. To provide their customers with an even better and faster service, they introduced a new ERP system for their 850 employees. They reached out to inno.com to help them ensure a smooth roll-out. Our CEO Johan Van Looy and Carglass’ CEO Guide De Paepe talked about the project and the importance of innovation in an interview with leading business paper De Tijd.

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Enterprise Architect

Our Enterprise Architects are objective trusted partners of senior management (CxO level) and program leadership. They help determine where to invest to maximize results, confirm the strategic goals set (trade-offs), define cost-effective mid- and long-term roadmaps (moving from as-is to to-be), spot opportunities and lower risk levels through early detection enabled by transparency and a … Continued

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Information Architect

inno.com is looking for an experienced Information Architect that can fire up Data Governance programs and anchor them, optimize Information Architecture (as part of the Enterprise Architecture) and enhance the Information Management capability at our clients’ organizations.

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Agile Coach

inno.com is looking for experienced Agile Coaches that can fire up and anchor the agile mindset and implement supporting agile frameworks (Scrum, Scrum of Scrums, Nexus, SAFe, Spotify, etc.) at our clients’ organizations.

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