What we do

inno.com is the trusted advisor who takes on your strategic technology challenges and therefore plays a key role in the actual implementation of your business strategy.

We make your strategy work.

What we do

Enterprise Architecture 

Your company has re-defined its business strategy and needs a roadmap to operationalize that business strategy throughout all components of your organisation.

Technology (ICT) plays a key role in your organisation.

Your company has concerns with respect to certain strategic ICT choices it is going to make or are already made; e.g. application/software/ERP related choices, JAVA/.NET related choices, buy or build decisions, data center consolidation/cloud solution.


Your company has significant non-functional (e.g. performance, availability) concerns with one or more of its solutions/applications/platforms.

You need to focus its resources on innovation of new products or services, triggering rapid deployment of new technology platforms. Nevertheless, it is essential ongoing operations are not disrupted and integration with legacy systems goes smoothly.

Your company recognizes the need for a mature professional Enterprise Architecture practice internally but is not there yet.

ICT Masterplan 

Your company has re-defined its business strategy or your business environment has significantly changed, and you need to get your ICT services aligned with that new environment.

Your ICT organisation needs to provide a forecast and vision on its activities, resources, assets and budget for the next years.

Your organisation is looking for significant cost reduction initiatives initiated out of the ICT organisation.

Program Management 

Your company is ready to embark on one or more ICT driven transformation programs but is struggling to structure and manage these complex programs.

Your company has the need for a (team of) very experienced professional(s) to temporarily strengthen the senior management team in launching and implementing a significant transformation plan.


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